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JY Reu, born in 1991, is an active visual artist residing in Seoul.

Graduated from Ecole superieure des beaux art de Nimes in France,

she returned to Korea working with artistic organization like SpaceBa and R3028, focusing on archive-oriented public art. 

Her personal works ranges from drawing to photography.

She communicate her view of the world by presenting them on planes. 

In particular, she strives to express the diverse nature and texture of things through visual language. 


2015        DNSEP, Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Nîmes, France

2012-13  Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Germany

2012        DNAP, Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Nîmes, France

2010        Gyeonggi Art High School, South Korea




Objects non objectifs dans la photographie contemporaine, 2015



•Solo exhibitions

2021.07   Naegative. Art Street of Beomeo. Daegu

2019.08   Reportage:Model, SpaceBa, Seoul

2017.08   Constellation, R3028 white cube, Seoul

2016.08   Cable drawing, SpaceBa, Seoul

2015.10   Frame and Aperture, Art village of Hyeiri, Gyeonggi



•Group exhibitions

2023.04   Adaptation au décalage horaire, Etud’Art. Seoul

2022.12   Layer and fear, Geumsu rice mill, Daegu

2022.11   DiafYoung artist project, EXCO, Daegu

2022.11   Carnet_introductionEtud’Art. Seoul

2022.03   Story of waves and island, Gallery Mohaeng, Jeju

2022.05   La Fête des Lumières. Etud’Art. Seoul

2021.08   Persona. Eulji-times. Seoul

2021.07   Bleu, the depart of next trip. Artroom Blue. Seoul

2021.05   Unconsciousness v Consciousness, Gallery Western. LA. USA

2020.12   Blue Cosmos: Forgotten Planet, Artroom Blue, Seoul

2020.09   EULJIRAW x SCR, Seoul Community Radio, Seoul

2020.05   When the sun and the moon shine bright, Daerim Storage gallery, Seoul

2019.12   Open Diary, Luna blu, Gyeonggi

2019.11   Hello or Bye, B-galleria, Turku, Finland

2018.05   Age of Art, Art of Age. Urban book & Urban flavor, Sejong Museum, Seoul



•Collections of works

Art Space Purl, Daegu, South Korea

Seoul Community Radio, Seoul, South Korea

Daerim Storage gallery, Seoul, South Korea

LOGI international, Seoul, South Korea

Private 6, Seoul, South Korea

Private 2, Nîmes, France

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